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Starting a Chapter

  • Membership of at least 30 men, 95% underclassmen or non-graduating seniors
  • Proof of at least one successful rush period
  • Need Written permission from the administration of the campus that the colony may become a full chapter of Phi Sigma Phi
  • A local constitution prepared and approved by the campus administration
  • All members have grade point averages (GPA) above the university minimum, preferably 2.5 or above (on a 4.0 scale)
  • One successful charity project completed, with the proceeds going to our national charity
  • Payment of the individual chartering fee.

Goals of a Colony

  • A colony of Phi Sigma Phi is formed by male students on a college or university campus
  • A Colony may be considered a “probationary chapter”, that is, the men of the colony are working for recognition as a full chapter of Phi Sigma Phi
  • Written permission by school administration to form a colony of Phi Sigma Phi
  • Rules and guidelines for forming a student group on campus
  • All interested members then become Associate Members of Phi Sigma Phi
  • Ceremony conducted by nearest chapter
  • Associate members have all rights and privileges of Active Members except for wearing the Active Badge
  • Colonization process ranges from 12-18 months

Do you have what it takes to be a chapter?