Leadership Development Academy

LDA is held biennially (every two years) on the odd numbered calendar years.  The purpose of the Leadership Development Academy is also to bring the representatives from all chapters and colonies, all chapter officers are encouraged to attend and participate.

When all of the group gets together they first participate in a fun filled Brotherhood experience that gives everyone the opportunity to get to know each other and bond Brothers of Phi Sigma Phi.  Past events have included attending baseball games, bowling, a tour of the Notre Dame Football stadium, go-carts, and dinners among other activities.

The LDA is large group and small break out conversations dealing with the different positions of the Fraternity, particularly Executive Board positions, and different activities that chapters deal with every year, such as Risk Management, recruitment, fundraising and community service.  These meetings give the National Staff and all of the attendees to share ideas about how to handle the numerous issues that have arisen at one time or another for all of us in Phi Sigma Phi, as well as those that are present in an ongoing basis, and what has worked to solve these issues and what has not worked.  Through the sharing of common issues, problems, and successes, all Members have the opportunity to learn and share information with their Brother Phi Sigs from around the country.

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Phi Sigma Phi sets to make good men better. Through the tenants of Wisdom, Justice, and Honor Phi Sigma Phi men strive to find a true life of EXCELLENCE. in helping their community, their campuses, and their brothers.  Phi Sigma Phi men are leaders on their campuses and in their communities.  They exemplify the ideal that though one man can make a small change in the world, together their efforts can make a major difference.