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Jeremy Grunn attended Eastern Michigan University where he studied Mechanical Engineering and Earth Sciences, achieving degrees in both. At his time at EMU, he was a member of the Lambda Chapter, where he maintained an active presence his whole collegiate life.

In his free time, Jeremy likes to work on old vehicles, write and play music, and spend time seeing nature. His passion for the Brotherhood of Phi Sigma Phi knows no bounds, and he is determined to give back to his brotherhood and community in anyway he can.

Jeremy views expansion as two-fold: external (or traditional) expansion and internal expansion. It is with this foundation that Jeremy guides new colonies along the path of becoming a Phi Sigma Phi chapter and also helps established chapters grow and find continued success.

  • "Joining Phi Sigma Phi was the best decision I could have made going into college, it gave me a core group of friends that I'll have for life and a ton of resources that helped me succeed."

    Mike BrennanAlumni
  • "Being a part of this fraternity not only gave me a fun and memorable college experience but it prepared me for life after my degree with a huge network of business professionals and alumni."

    Alex VansantFormer President of Epsilon Lamda

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