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Robert completed his Bachelor of Science in 2008 from Central Michigan University. He was an active member of the Xi chapter from 2006 through 2009. After graduating with a focus on Computer Science Robert started to attend University of Michigan-Dearborn. In 2011 he graduated with a Masters of Engineering Management.

In Fall of 2013 Robert was asked to join the Phoenix 7 Foundation as a trustee.

Robert currently lives in his hometown of Canton, Michigan. He currently works for a company developing an online platform for a DNA screening company. Outside of work he has a small rental business and has a hobby of restoring vintage style mopeds and custom creations.

  • "Joining Phi Sigma Phi was the best decision I could have made going into college, it gave me a core group of friends that I'll have for life and a ton of resources that helped me succeed."

    Mike BrennanAlumni
  • "Being a part of this fraternity not only gave me a fun and memorable college experience but it prep