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Harry currently serves on the Phoenix Seven Foundation Board of Trustees as its Treasurer. He enjoys being a volunteer for the Foundation and raising monies for the Dean Rockwell Scholarship Award. He also contributes to the Rockwell Award every year and his current level of giving is the “Apex” level which he achieved in 2013.

As an undergrad at Hillsdale College in Michigan, he joined Phi Sigma Epsilon Fraternity in 1971 and held a number of leadership positions for the fraternity. After graduating in 1975, he served as a volunteer staff member and officer for Phi Sigma Epsilon and in 1985 served as Phi Sigma Phi’s first National President. He has been a volunteer serving continuously since 1975 in a number of leadership roles for both the Phoenix Seven Foundation and Phi Sigma Phi Fraternity.

He currently resides in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida with his wife Lois. He manages Parker Property Rentals which are local long term rental condominiums.

  • "Being a part of this fraternity not only gave me a fun and memorable college experience but it prepared me for life after my degree with a huge network of business professionals and alumni."

    Alex VansantFormer President of Epsilon Lamda
  • "Joining Phi Sigma Phi was the best decision I could have made going into college, it gave me a core group of friends that I'll have for life and a ton of resources that helped me succeed."

    Mike BrennanAlumni

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